Participatory Budget


Hoang Mai, is proud to support the demands of the Ligue d’action civique and has committed to going even further by proposing to carve out a budget of $500,000 for a “participatory budget” in order to give power back to residents. This initiative would allow them to directly choose which projects will be financed by the City. He is also proposing to implement a citizen budget, a modern and efficient way of bringing transparency to matters of public financing.

“We’re going to give power back to the people of Brossard,” said Hoang Mai. “It’s not normal that every single financial decision made by the city is done so behind closed doors and without public consultation. With a participatory budget, the people of Brossard will finally have a real say!”

More and more cities in Quebec and elsewhere in the world are implementing participatory budgets. Since its inception in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1989, more than 1,500 municipalities throughout the world have instituted the practice, including Saint-Basile-le-Grand here in Quebec. Hoang Mai is proposing a budget of $500,000 for the project. The mayoral candidate is proposing to put aside $100,000 of this sum specifically for youth projects, according to conditions laid out by the municipal council.

“The best way to reach out to the youth and to get them interested in our city is by giving them the means to achieve their goals. With a participatory budget, residents aged 16 to 25 years will be able to decide if they want to invest this money in new sports equipment, artistic and cultural initiatives or any other project that is important to them. I’m convinced that this type of approach will generate a sense of belonging to our city and will help our youth look to the future.”

Promoting consultation

Hoang Mai also hopes to establish a citizen budget in Brossard, an online tool that allows citizens to put themselves in the shoes of elected officials and make difficult decisions. It’s a powerful consultation tool that allows politicians to make better decisions by giving them greater insight into residents’ opinions.

“I want to innovate and implement a citizen budget, which will allow the people of Brossard to know exactly where their money is going and to regain control of the public purse.”


Participatory Budgeting